Oppression Envy: Race Faker Rachel Dolezal in Talks With Agent for ‘Reality’ Show

“Reality” is a stretch.
dolezal family
Oppression Envy is coming soon to your television.

Race-faker and former NAACP president Rachel Dolezal is in talks for a reality TV project. She is currently looking for an agent and publicist.
Radar Online reported:

NAACP race faker Rachel Dolezal stepped down from her job Monday, but RadarOnline.com has learned she already has a new gig in the works: Dolezal is fielding multiple offers to film a reality show, and is seeking professional representation after her bombshell interview on the Today show.

Dolezal, currently in New York City after appearing on TODAY Tuesday morning, has been “offered two reality shows from different production companies,” an insider told Radar. “The offers were made last week along with several others that were just outrageous. Rachel recognizes that she is going to need an agent and a publicist, and is going to be hiring a professional team in the next few days.”

“Rachel wants to use all of the publicity to raise awareness about race relations,” the source said.

The former NAACP Spokane chapter president was outed by her parents last week as being a white woman after years of fudging her racial identity, and allegedly lying on applications for city positions.

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