Double Amputee & Special Forces Hero Brian Mast Announces Run for Congress=> Powerful Video

On Monday retired Army Special Operations combat veteran, Brian Mast announced his candidacy for the U.S. Congress in Florida’s 18th congressional district.
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Afghanistan War veteran, an explosives specialist, Brian Mast, lost both legs while serving his country in Afghanistan.

Brian Mast, a married father of three, who served in the United States Army for twelve years, lost both his legs to an IED blast while serving as a bomb disposal expert under the elite Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) in Afghanistan.
This is a powerful video:

** You can donate to Brian Mast’s campaign here.


Mast will be running in the Florida district once held by Allen West.
He sent his announcement information to The Gateway Pundit this morning.

“Our nation is at a crossroads and our democracy is desperate for both leadership and decisive action on a wide range of issues that drive our economic future and national security,” said Mast. “The American people deserve better than they have gotten from our federal government— once in Congress, I plan to lead the way to increase educational opportunities for our young people and prosperity for our families.”

Mast added that he vows to lead the effort to make a first class education more accessible to all Americans while working to ease the tax burdens and financial barriers that have been created by the Obama Administration.

“Whether you are in a combat zone, or trying to find a job or a better life for your family—there is plenty of adversity out there that must be overcome— our government should be working to remove barriers to opportunity, not create them… The adversity I have faced in my life has only intensified my desire to serve and to ensure that the people of our great nation have every opportunity to rise as far as their talent and hard work will take them.” -Brian Mast

Mast recently donned an army uniform again in a show of support for the nation of Israel and the freedom it represents in the Middle East and around the world, as he volunteered along side the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

“While I recovered from my injuries, I told my wife that the example I set for our children would not end with that blast in Afghanistan—but that I would continue to offer everything I have to make sure the world they inherit is safer and more prosperous than the one we have today.” -Brian Mast

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(Sun Sentinel)

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