Police Officer Shoots, Kills Drunk Man Attacking Him with Flag Pole (VIDEO)

A Kenucky polie officer shot a drunk man dead after the man attacked the officer with a flagpole.

A Kentucky police officer shot and killed a man who attacked him with a flagpole.

The local police chief said his officer was justified in using deadly force against the attacker.
NBC News reported:


A police officer who killed a flagpole-wielding man in Louisville, Kentucky, appeared justified in using deadly force, Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad said Sunday.

“The officer believed his life was being threatened,” Conrad said at a news conference, adding that the shooting — which was captured in dramatic surveillance video at a nearby grocery store — was still being investigated and that the officer, 10-year veteran patrol Officer Nathan Blanford, wasn’t treated for any injuries and hadn’t yet been interviewed by investigators.

Blanford was dispatched to the Old Louisville neighborhood about 2 p.m. ET after a 911 caller reported witnessing an assault. A man was seen grabbing and throwing a woman’s purse and cellphone on the street, Conrad said. Then, the man punched her.

In the surveillance video, Blanford is seen pulling up at an intersection next to a man walking on the sidewalk. Blanford slowly approaches the man, whom police refused to identify Sunday night. After what appears to be a brief argument, the man quickly walks away from the officer and out of view of the security camera.


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