Phony Black Lady: “If There Is No Justice, There Will Be NO PEACE!” => VIDEO of Rachel Dolezal at Freddie Gray Protest

Phony black race hustler Rachel Dolezal stepped down as president of the Spokane NAACP this week after it was revealed that she was Caucasian.
rachel dolezal
Rachel Dolezal claimed she was black – but she is lily-white.

Now there’s this…
Crazy Rachel fired up a angry Baltimore mob to go out and riot for black power.

Baltimore Brew discovered that Dolezal spoke at a Freddie Gray protest in Baltimore.


“I don’t know everyone here but I am from the other Washington. I just flew in this morning from Spokane, Washington. I’m representing the Alaska, Oregon, Washington NAACP. I am the president of the Spokane NAACP in Washington state and this is the situation that is affecting us over in that state as well… This is something that has affected us nationwide and if there is no justice, there is no peace.

Via The Right Scoop:

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