(Oh Brother!) Obama Administration Official: Climate Change Will Kill Workers (VIDEO)

O officalSecretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez (Image screenshot)

Earlier this year President Obama stated that there is no greater threat to future generations than Climate Change. Considering ISIS, the rising national debt, and the almost non-existent southern border, if there had been one sober, or at least one rational thinker among those in the Obama administration they would have called for an immediate drug and breath test for the President. But because President Obama only surrounds himself with Climate Change true believers, no one stepped forward to call him out on his insane comment.

Fast forward 6 months and the Climate Change rhetoric coming out of the Obama administration hasn’t lost any of it’s crazy tone. As a matter of fact the “crazy” coming out of the Obama administration has just reached a new level of insane. So insane in fact that an Obama administration official says that Climate Change will kill workers.


On Tuesday, during a White House Summit trying to link together health and Climate Change, a pre-recorded video featuring Department of Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez was played for the audience. In the video Secretary Perez made the claim that the heat caused by Climate Change is dangerous, and inferred will kill farm laborers and construction workers because of excessive heat:

“Good afternoon. I’m Secretary Tom Perez and I’m thrilled to be here with Arturo Rodriguez of United Farm Workers. We want to talk to you briefly about the serious risks Climate Change poses to American workers. Especially those employed in construction and farming.

This past week the Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, began investigating the death of a young man working on a farm in Idaho. While I wish this was an isolated incident, the truth is that every year dozens of workers die and thousands more become ill from working in the heat. And as we see more days hitting temperatures above 95 degrees because of Climate Change more workers will be put in danger.

Video below:


If the Climate crazy train keeps its course, come winter the Obama administration will be releasing a video warning Americans that excessive cold caused by Global Warming..er.. I mean Climate Change will be a dangerous because it can cause giant snowstorms, hypothermia and frostbite.

Oh Brother…..

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