Obama Says Supreme Court King vs. Burwell Is an “Easy Case” that “Probably Shouldn’t Even Been Taken Up”

President Obama spoke with reporters today at the G7 Summit in Germany.
Obama claimed Obamacare was working swell. The president also said the Supreme Court should probably should not have been taken up the King versus Burwell case on Obamacare state subsidies.

The Washington Post reported:

This should be an easy case. Frankly, it probably shouldn’t even have been taken up. And since we’re going to get a ruling pretty quick, I think it’s important for us to go ahead and assume that the Supreme Court is going to do what most legal scholars who’ve looked at this would expect them to do.

But, look, I’ve said before and I will repeat again: If, in fact, you have a contorted reading of the statute that says federal-run exchanges don’t provide subsidies for folks who are participating in those exchanges, then that throws off how that exchange operates. It means that millions of people who are obtaining insurance currently with subsidies suddenly aren’t getting those subsidies; many of them can’t afford it; they pull out; and the assumptions that the insurance companies made when they priced their insurance suddenly gets thrown out the window. And it would be disruptive — not just, by the way, for folks in the exchanges, but for those insurance markets in those states, generally.

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