Obama Says Supporters Tell Him: “You’re an Idiot”

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In a candid speech at a fundraiser on Thursday night Barack Obama admitted he receives letters from people who say, “You’re an idiot.”
The Examiner reported:

He has 18 months left to fulfill his “Yes we can” agenda, but President Obama is frustratingly finding that his supporters have already forgotten what he’s done and even think he’s an “idiot” for not making good on his promise to fix Washington.

In a candid fundraising speech at actor Tyler Perry’s Santa Monica, Calif., home Thursday night, the president expressed his own frustration at not scoring more wins in his two terms, but also aired distress at how quickly some of have forgotten his achievements.

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“I got a letter a while back from a gentleman living in Colorado, and clearly an intelligent guy, and he had taken a lot of time to write this letter. And he said, you know, I voted for you twice, but I’m feeling disillusioned,'” Obama said.

“And I get letters, people say, ‘You are an idiot,’ and here’s what you didn’t do, and here’s the program that is terrible, and all kinds of stuff. But this gentleman, he said, I voted for you twice but I’m deeply disappointed. And it went on and on, chronicling all the things that hadn’t gotten done,” added Obama.

While he didn’t detail the writer’s frustrations, Obama, who previously noted how the economy has come back, jobs are growing and the future looks brighter, said “he seemed to have forgotten everything that had happened and how he had benefitted.”

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