More Good News… Obamatrade Relaxes Visa Process for Pakistani Nationals

pee on US flag
Pakistani protesters cheer as little boy pees on a US flag.

Here’s some more good news…
The Obamatrade law being pushed by Republicans will relax Visa process for Pakistani nationals.
What could go wrong?
Conservative Review reported:

One very disturbing aspect of TISA is the document uncovered by WikiLeaks revealing an entire section on immigration, referred to as “Movement of Natural Persons.” This section discusses commitments by the parties not to place undue burdens on visas and singles out face-to-face interviews as an example of “overly burdensome procedures.” [see the footnote on page 7] At a time when we face so many national security problems, why would conservatives trust this president to squelch any visa provision threatening our security?

And guess who is a party to TISA?

Pakistan! In addition to the massive immigration from Pakistan, we admitted 78,000 Pakistani nationals on some type of visa in 2013. Do we really want to join in an agreement that could loosen restrictions on visas from Pakistan?

Guess which other country is a part of TISA? Mexico! For good measure, Turkey is also a party to TISA. What could go wrong?

paki us flag
Pakistani protesters show their disgust for America by torching a US flag.

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