Michigan Man Is Latest Victim of Black-on-White Pizza Delivery Murder

Alexander William Burkart from Clemens, Michigan is the latest victim of black-on-white pizza delivery murder.
alex burkart

Deandre Arnold, 18, of Mt. Clemens is accused in the fatal stabbing Feb. 21, 2015 of Alexander Burkart, 22, of Clinton Township. (Photo: Macomb County Sheriff’s Office)
deandre arnold

Joe for America reported:


When 2 gangbangers murder a white pizza delivery guy – does Obama, Sharpton, Eric Holder or the media care? Nope.

Alexander William Burkart, 22, crashed his car after being stabbed to death in Mount Clemens, Michigan. Police arrested two eighteen year old black males. Both are described as local gangbangers that have had numerous run ins with police. Burkart was delivering pizzas at the time.

Deandre Lee Arnold, 18-years-old, was arrested early Sunday morning after homicide investigators recognized him from video surveillance near the murder scene at 178 Northbound Gratiot Avenue. Arnold has been charged with Felony Murder.

Deandre Arnold of Mount Clemens was video arraigned on felony murder charges in 41B District Court in Clinton Township. Magistrate Dan Goulette ordered he be held without bond in the Macomb County Jail.

Arnold’s alleged accomplice, Jayvon Tarice Cates is now in custody as well.

Of course if the pizza company made a policy not to deliver to these areas, they’d be charged with racial profiling, despite the horrific record of hate crimes in the area this past year:

Burkart is only one of seven black on white pizza delivery slayings that we have documented since last July.

3/24/15 – Michael Price, 36, was shot and killed by a black male while delivering pizzas in New Orleans

2/22/15 – Alexander William Burkart, 22, was stabbed to death by two black males while delivering pizzas in Mt. Clemens, MI.

12/2/14 – Robert Caudill, 26, was shot and killed, by a black male, while delivery pizzas in Lorain, Ohio.

10/29/14 – James Crabtree, Jr., 45, was shot and killed by a black male while delivering pizza in Columbus, OH. The suspect is only 16.

10/21/14 – Gordon Schaffer, 22, was shot and killed while working at a pizza shop in Columbia, TN. A 17 year old black male has been charged.

9/22/14 – Richard Yeager, 35, was shot and killed while delivering pizzas in New Orleans, LA. The suspects are two 16 year old black males that were already wearing court mandated ankle bracelets.

7/9/14 – William O’Neill, 46, was killed while delivery pizzas in San Antonio, TX. A black male ran him over with his own car.

Blacks commit 25 times more violent assaults on Whites.

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