ISIS VIDEO=> Islamic State Fighters Execute Top Egyptian Judges in Drive-By Shooting

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ISIS released video of a deadly drive-by attack on Egyptian judges.
The video is titled: “Liquidation of Judges”
(Warning on violent content)

Tasfia by rahal-algareem

Daily Mail reported:

Following their shocking attack in Tunisia, ISIS have released a new video showing militants carrying out a deadly assassination of several high profile court judges in Egypt.The brutal video comes just hours after a car bomb injured one of Egypt’s top prosecutors, Hisham Barakat.

It is thought that the failed assassination attempt on Barakat may have been the responsibility of ISIS in Sinai.

Barakat has been one of the key prosecutors for referring hundreds of alleged Islamists to trial following the trial of former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi two years ago.

The Egyptian franchise of ISIS have developed a reputation for calculated assassinations of authority figures, targeting army and security personnel as well as members of Egypt’s judiciary.

In the video, the militants approach in an unidentified vehicle. The driver speeds up near a silver car, driving in the opposite lane on the motorway.

Two militants suddenly pull out machine guns and begin to spray the silver car with bullets, shattering the glass in the windows in the hail of rounds.

The militants appear to have good knowledge of their targets, shooting the three trapped judges repeatedly from their seats in their speeding vehicle.

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