Hungary to Build 175 km Border Fence to Ward Off Terrorist Migrants – Calls EU Immigration Plan “Bordering on Insanity”

A boatload of migrants head to Europe from Africa.

Hungary announced it will build a 175 kilometer fence on its border with Serbia to ward off terrorist migrants.

Of course, EU officials have criticized the plan. It’s racist.
France 24 reported:


Hungary on Wednesday announced plans to build an “anti-migration” fence on its border with Serbia, a move experts say is a direct spurn to the EU and a symptom of the country’s increasingly xenophobic tendencies.

The announcement comes just as the European Union seeks to solve one of its worst migrant crises in decades by trying to persuade its 28-member states, including Hungary, to share the burden of the influx of migrants fleeing war and conflict by crossing the Mediterranean.

EU leaders are scheduled to meet in Brussels on June 25-26 to discuss a European Commission proposal to redistribute Syrians and Erytreans who have arrived in Europe.

But Prime Minister Victor Orban, whose right-wing government claims that Hungary is already taking on a disproportionate share of the hundreds of thousands of migrants who have entered Europe via the Balkans and the Middle East, has called the plan ludicrous and “bordering on insanity”.

On Wednesday, Hungary openly defied the EU’s calls for a more unified and humanitarian migrant response by instead presenting its own migrant-stemming solution: a fence reminiscent of the Cold War-era barriers that separated communist East Europe from the capitalist West.

185,000 immigrants have flooded into Europe in the first three months of the year.
The reported:

In the first three months of this year alone, 185,000 immigrants have sought refuge in Europe.

The number is 86 per cent up on last year and underlines the migration crisis threatening Britain.

Home Office staff accepted 7,300 applications from asylum seekers at a rate of 81 every day, taking the number housed in this country while their claims are assessed to 30,000.

The statistics come amid growing concern about the tidal wave of migrants heading across the Mediterranean to Italy and Greece.

But despite cries from the two cash-strapped countries that they are being overwhelmed by the influx, they accepted just 18,000 applications between them.

The number underlines fears that Greek and Italian border officials are allowing migrants to pass unhindered so they can move on to the UK and other countries to claim asylum.

Alp Mehmet, of MigrationWatch, said: “This huge number doesn’t surprise me. The official figures are catching up with what we already know – numbers are growing massively.

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