Here We Go… Leftists Want Military Bases Named After Confederate Generals Renamed

First they came after the Stars and Bars.
Now the left wants the US military to rename several bases named after Confederate generals.

confederate generals
Confederate generals Braxton Bragg, John Bell Hood, George Pickett and A.P. Hill, left to right, are among the Confederate generals who have U.S. military bases named after them. (Stripes)

Stars and Stripes reported:
Stars and Stripes reported:


What do these US military bases have in common?

** Fort Bragg
** Fort Rucker
** Fort Hood
** Fort Lee
** Fort Benning
** Fort Gordon
** Fort A.P. Hill
** Fort Polk
** Fort Pickett
** Camp Beauregard (Operated by the Louisiana National Guard)

They are all named for Confederate generals. There’s been talk for years about whether this is appropriate, and now in wake of Charleston and the South Carolina Confederate flag, it’s coming up again.

Do you think these posts should be renamed to honor people who fought in the U.S. Army exclusively? Vote, and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Here are the polling results so far:
military bases vote

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