Here They Are: Three Shocking US Immigration Statistics in Three Simple Charts

Here are three shocking truths on US immigration in three easy-to-read charts.

Via Conservative Review:

The Hispanic population in the United States has increased from 6.5% of the population in 1980 when Ronald Reagan won the presidency to 17.6% today.
hispanic us population


In 1980 6.2% of the US population was foreign born. Thirty-five years later, in 2015, 13.5% of the US population is foreign born.
immigration in US

The United States takes in more than 20% of the world’s immigrants despite representing only 4% of the world’s population.
immigration chart 3

This was always the plan by Democrats… flood the US with millions of dependent immigrants and change America forever.
The country will become less prosperous but at least Democrats will have millions of new government dependent citizens to keep them in power.

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