Hackers Steal Identity of AZ Islamic Center Protest Organizer – GoFundMe Removes His Fundraising Page

On Thursday, Rita Katz, the Director of SITE intelligence Group, warned that Junaid Hussain (Abu Hussain Al Brittani), who was linked to the Garland, Texas shooting, was tweeting about the Arizona Muhammad cartoon contest.

Abu Hussain Al Brittani was directly linked to the Garland, Texas terrorist attacks.

umm hussain
Junaid Hussain is an Islamic State member from Birmingham, UK. Born in 1994, Junaid Hussain was formerly known as triCk on the hacking group ‘Team Poison’, was convicted of hacking Tony Blair’s voicemails, skipped bail, and joined the Islamic State in 2014.


ISIS fighter Abu Hussain Al Brittani also threatened to blow up rally with an IED.
abu britani ball bearings
Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

On Sunday Jon Ritzheimer, the former Marine who organized the Arizona Mohammad cartoon contest and rally, said he was selling his home and going into hiding.

Today Ritzheimer wrote on Facebook that his identity had been stolen.
ritzheimer hacker

And GoFundMe removed Jon Ritzheimer fundraising page this week.
Mediaite reported:

After announcing last week that he was going into “hiding” to protect himself and his family following an anti-Islam rally he organized in Phoenix, Arizona, ex-Marine Jon Ritzheimer tried to launch a crowd-funding campaign that aimed to raise $10 million. But now, it appears that the GoFundMe site he used has removed the page.

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