GOP Sub-Committee Chair on Terrorism: Possible Holiday Attack Will Most Likely Be a Bomb (VIDEO)

Congressman Peter King (R-NY/2nd)Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Counterterrorism – joined Steve Malzberg on NewsMax TV Tuesday to discuss the heightened threat of an ISIS attack on the 4th of July.

ISIS supporters outside the White House–
isis phone white house

Congressman King told Steve the attack will most likely be a bomb attack.


Rep King: I’ve been aware of this now for the last two or three weeks, anyway. About the possibility, the real possibility of something being attempted on the 4th of July. There’s a number of things, for one just the intelligence that’s been picked up talking about the 4th of July. But you add the some of the specifics here. The last week to ten days there’s been five ISIS operatives arrested in New York City. Now, that’s not coincidental. It’s one thing to say someone’s a lone wolf. You don’t find five lone wolves operating together at the same time. There has to be a level of cooperation, of coordination… ISIS is playing an active role here in the United States… This is for real…

Steve Malzberg: Are we talking about a shooting somewhere? Are we talking about going into a public place and shooting? Are we talking about a bomb, like you mentioned the marathon? What do you fear?

Rep. King: I would be more concerned with a bomb, an improvised explosive device. One of the places they raided last week, they did find explosives.

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