Friend: Dylann Storm Roof STOLE THE GUN from His Mom – She Didn’t Trust Him With It– DID NOT QUALIFY FOR GUN (VIDEO)

Justin Meek, a friend of Charleston shooter Dylann Storm Roof, spoke with Greta Van Susteren tonight. He told Greta that Dyllan took the gun from his mother that he used in the mass murder. He said Dyllan’s mom didn’t trust him with it so she took it away.

dylann storm roof arrest
Dylann Strom Roof smirked as he as hauled away.

Justin said he saw Dylann on Tuesday.

“He said that he took it from his mom. And he told me his mom didn’t know he had the gun… Yeah, it was his gun but his mom took it from Dylann.

Via On The Record

Dylann’s father reportedly gave the gun to his son for a birthday present.

*** Dylann did have failed a background check for a gun purchase!
But his father bought him the gun anyway!
So should his father be arrested?

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