Figures. MSNBC Crank: Obama “Spoke Articulately” by Using “N*gger” During Radio Interview (VIDEO)

MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson praised Barack Obama for using the n-word in a podcast interview.

Obama, the first black president, used the offensive word while bashing America as a racist nation.
obama n word

And, they wonder why nobody watches this crap?


Dyson praised Obama:

“Those of us who have been pressing President Obama to speak more explicitly and more articulately about race, this is part of the payoff… This is a man who knows so much more than he’s been willing to or allowed to speak about in public spaces. He chooses his words carefully, he chooses his point of entrance carefully, but I think this was an incredibly important moment in intervention on behalf of the American public by our president.”

What nonsense.

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