Far Left LA Actor Says He Has ‘Associates’ Looking for the Family of Ex-McKinney Cop Eric Casebolt

Yesterday, far left Hollywood Actor Dennis L.A. White threatened to BEAT McKinney Police Officer Eric Casebolt’s daughters.

Now this…
Dennis LA White Twitter profileDennis L.A. White, Source: Twitter profile page

Actor Dennis L.A. White posted on Twitter early Tuesday/late Monday that he has “associates” looking for the family of now retired McKinney, Texas police officer Eric Casebolt, according to a screen grab taken just over an hour of the statement being posted to Twitter.


White saying he has people looking for Casebolt’s family raises the specter of involvement in a conspiracy to harass and intimidate Casebolt and his family.

White’s statement was overlooked as focus was placed on a previous statement tweeted minutes before by White in which he intimated a call to attack Casebolt’s family over his handling of Black teens who crashed a private pool in McKinney last Friday. Casebolt was the white officer seen in a YouTube video pulling his gun on two young black men menacing him as was attempting to detain a Black 15 year-old girl who was resisting being detained.

“we have associates looking for #EricCasebolt family. Any info on them will be appreciated. We want to ask them some questions.”

White posted the statement in reply to Dallas resident Sam Phillips a few minutes after he made his now viral statement targeting Casebolt’s family:


“What if we found eric casebolt’s family & beat up the young girls in it. Would that b fair? If u live in McKinney, find his family.”

White has since taken his Twitter account private. A Google cache image taken before then shows he apparently deleted the two tweets about targeting Casebolt’s family.

One cached tweet shows White “standing by” his statements:

“Thanks, you KKK & racist termites for showing your faces. I stand behind what I said. #EricCasebolt is wrong & should be punished.”

White reportedly wrote a response to Joe Newby at the Examiner in response to an article Newby published on Wednesday, Actor Dennis L.A. White suggests violence against daughters of McKinney officer

White demanded Newby’s article be pulled or edited. Newby and the Examiner refused:

“White reached out to Examiner Wednesday morning demanding this story be pulled or edited to his liking. In his email, he claimed that, “I never said that we should be violent towards anyone kids.” In another email, he claimed that he “never suggested” anyone visit violence on Casebolt’s children and threatened legal action. We refused his request and said we would be happy to publish any apology he might wish to extend to Casebolt’s family or to white people he smeared as “racist termites.””

Casebolt retired from the McKinney police force on Tuesday after being suspended pending an investigation. He reportedly has gone in to hiding with his family as a result of death threats according to his attorney Jane Bishkin as reported by WFAA-TV:

“Casebolt has not made any public statements since Friday’s incident. His lawyer said he has been in hiding with his wife and family at an undisclosed location after they allegedly received death threats.”

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