Far Left Catholic Group to Provide Inserts in Church Bulletins on Pope’s Global Warming Junk Science

Pope Francis calls for a NEW GLOBAL AUTHORITY to redistribute wealth in the name of global warming in his papal encyclical that was leaked to the press.

Red Francis is pushing Latin-style Socialism to cure the world of global warming.
red francis pope commie

Red Francis blames wealthy countries for the plight of the world’s poor.


Pope Francis blames humans for global warming and a rise in greenhouse gases.

A far left group Catholic Climate Covenant will provide inserts for church bulletins this week and is e-mailing out suggested homilies to priests.
FuelFix.com reported:

Pope Francis has endorsed the science behind global warming and denounced the world’s political leaders for putting national self-interest ahead of action. Now, Catholic priests are gearing up to spread the word.

The 192-page leaked draft of a papal encyclical, published Monday by the Italian magazine L’Espresso, is an attempt to influence the debate before United Nations climate talks scheduled for the end of the year in Paris. Father Federico Lombardi, the pope’s spokesman, said the text was not the final one, which will be officially released midday local time Thursday by the Vatican.

The encyclical, entitled “Laudato si (Praised Be) on the care of our common home,” is a call to action in the form of a letter to the church’s bishops. With fossil-fuel emissions and temperatures at record levels, the spiritual leader of 1.2 billion Catholics is adding his voice to calls to rein in greenhouse gases.

“International negotiations cannot progress in a significant way because of the positions of the countries which privilege their own national interests rather than the global common good,” the pope wrote. “Those who will suffer the consequences which we are trying to hide will remember this lack of conscience and responsibility.”

Francis squarely put the blame on humans, writing that many scientific studies show “the greater part of global warming in the last decades is due to the great concentration of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide and others) emitted above all due to human activity.”

Reducing emissions, he wrote, demands “honesty, courage and responsibility, above all by the most powerful and most polluting countries.”

In the U.S., where public opinion has been split on climate change, the Conference of Catholic Bishops has been holding workshops to discuss the encyclical with its members. A coalition of church groups, the Catholic Climate Covenant, will provide inserts on Francis’ message to go in church bulletins around the U.S. and is e-mailing suggested homilies to priests.

Ultimately, priests — and individual Catholics — will decide how to respond, said Stephen Colecchi, director of the U.S. bishops’ International Justice and Peace office in Washington. Nonetheless, he said he expects “a lot of enthusiasm.”

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