Enough Is Enough.
boehner fail paul ryan

It’s time for Obama’s friend to step down…
John Boehner wouldn’t stop funding for Obmaacare.
John Boehner did nothing about Obama’s illegal amnesty.
John Boehner did not slow down spending.
John Boehner does nothing to reach out to conservatives in the House.
John Boehner failed to pass Obamatrade so he brought it back up again.
John Boehner could not care less what conservatives think.
John Boehner has sided with Pelosi and Democrats to push through his unpopular agenda.

Speaker John Boehner refused to allow conservative Republican amendments to the Obamatrade deal – But he allowed Democrats to amend the legislation.


There’s a reason why 65% of Republican voters think Republicans aren’t doing what they promised today.
Because they aren’t.

National Review reported:

Republican leaders have tended to yield to Democratic demands rather than keeping the promises they made on the campaign trail in 2014. And they thought that sending Boehner a message was important enough to oppose a free-trade package they’d normally be inclined to support.

“Why do 65 percent of Republican voters think Republicans aren’t doing what we said we were going to do? You know why? Because we’re not doing what we said we were going to do,” says one Freedom Caucus member. “We didn’t talk about trade. . . . We talked about dealing with the executive amnesty issue, we talked about dealing with Obamacare, we talked about totally reforming the tax code, requiring work for welfare.”

Last week Republicans and Democrats killed the Obamatrade bill that nobody read.
Today John Boehner and GOP leaders pushed it through again.
This time Pelosi couldn’t stop them.
The House passed the bill 218-208.
Here is the roll call vote.

John Boehner needs to step down as Speaker.
And take Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy with you.

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