Dr. Keith Ablow: Don’t Be Surprised if Doctors Start Giving Tattoos to Trans-Black Kids (VIDEO)

Dr. Keith Ablow: Doctors May Start Giving Tattoos to Trans-Black Kids

dolezal family
Trans-black (white) NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal with her children in native wear.

Dr. Keith Ablow told FOX and Friends he wouldn’t be surprised if doctors started giving tattoos to trans-black kids who are white but believe they are black.


And, someone might claim that Caitlyn Jenner chose her identity, or his depending on the way people see it, based on wanting to get on the cover of magazines because that person is addicted to fame. That is a very dangerous position to take if you object to lots of threats which, of course, I’ve gotten based on some of my comments. Because the liberal element in this country is very much in this trans-race kind of moment or trans-age.

So, believe me, they’re bringing kids over to Boston General hospital, probably today, who think they may be of alternate gender and they will inject them with hormones around puberty time to prevent puberty. Don’t be surprised is some child says, “I was born Caucasian and I’m Black,” and if you see them being tattooed, I told you so.

Via FOX and Friends:

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