CLAIM: Media to Make ‘Gay Reparations’ an Issue in 2016 GOP Presidential Primary Race

Obama White House Gay Marriage Rainbow
The Obama White House is lit up in rainbow colors to celebrate the Supreme Court decision legalizing same sex marriage, Friday, June 26, 2015. Source: The White House via Twitter.

“Wow.” That was the reaction of Rick Wilson, national Republican message and media strategist, to a reporter telling him Republican presidential candidates will be made to answer on whether or not they support ‘gay reparations’.

Wilson posted on Twitter Monday afternoon about an interview he had with someone he would only describe as a ‘national reporter’ who shocked Wilson by bringing up the subject of ‘gay reparations’ as an issue GOP presidential candidates will pressed on by reporters.


Wilson said the context was questions about gay issues in light of Friday’s Supreme Court decree mandating all states must allow same sex marriages.

Curiously also on Monday afternoon Ace of Spades reported that he too was told ‘gay reparations’ was going to be an issue in 2016:

“BTW, a guy I trust says that he was speaking to an informed source on the Gay Marriage side of things, and he says that “gay reparations” are going to be a live issue in 2016, and something that all candidates will have to take a position on.”

Wilson’s tweets in order:

“1/ Wow. A reporter just asked me a series of q’s about the gay marriage decision and 2016. S/he rattled off a bunch of q’s GOP candidates”

“2/ might face. Marriage, states resisting licenses, adoptions, benefits, etc. then, embedded in it all was a phrase you’ll hear again…”

“3/ “Reparations or damages for discrimination against gays in the past. “Cha-ching,” says a new generation of trial attorneys.”

This is not a tweet storm. Just a quick observation.”

Now my question is, did that q that emerge de novo or is tha talking point being pushed out there?”

Either way, you will be made to care.”

A response to whether trial lawyers were pushing gay reparations: “this is a national reporter”

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