Carly Fiorina: I Would Make Two Calls First Day as President; One to Israel & One to Khamenei in Iran (VIDEO)

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina took on four interviewers tonight on Special Report on FOX News.
She was flawless.
fiorina special report carly

Candidate Fiorina told the panel she would make two calls on her first day in officer; one to Israel and one to Khamenei in Iran.

I think once again President Obama has continued to give the American people a false choice, which is implied in your question. His false choice is, ‘If you don’t agree with what I’m doing or not doing there is no option but to go to war.” I think with ISIS there is an option we haven’t availed ourselves of. Likewise, I think that’s true with Iran… I would make two calls day one in the Oval Office. There first is tow Bibi Netanyahu. The second would be to the Supreme leader of Iran. And while he might not take my phone call, he would get the message. And the message would until and unless you are prepared to open every nuclear facility, every uranium enrichment facility, to full unfettered, anytime, anywhere inspections, we will exact the most punishing financial sanctions we can.

Via Special Report:

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