BRUTAL MURDER of Arnesha Bowers: 14-Year-Old Boy Arrested; Black Gang Initiation; ‘White Supremacy’ Blamed

Arnesha Bowers WBAL
Arnesha Bowers, image via WBAL-TV.

Shocking new details of the horrific rape and murder of Baltimore City College high school junior Arnesha Bowers, a Black sixteen-year-old girl, at the hands of Black gang members were reported Wednesday, while several Black bloggers blamed ‘white supremacy’ and Baltimore police for the crime.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported about Bowers’ murder. The girl was raped, strangled and then set on fire by two reported members of the Black criminal gang the Bloods in the basement of her grandmother’s house while the grandmother worked an overnight shift at a hospital. Bowers knew the men and had attended a party with them the previous day. The two men, John Childs and Adonay Dixon were arrested by Baltimore police and are being held without bond.


WBAL-TV’s Saliqa Khan reported on Wednesday that fourteen-year-old Raeshawn Rivers was arrested and charged as an adult as part of the investigation in to Bowers’ murder.

Khan added the brutal rape and murder of Bowers is thought to have been a gang initiation.

“Police said Wednesday that a 14-year-old Raeshawn Rivers has been arrested in connection with Bowers’ death. He is being charged as an adult, police said…”

“According to sources, the suspects said Bowers’ death may have been an initiation into part of the Tree Top Piru Bloods Gang, I-Team lead investigative reporter Jayne Miller reported.”

Miller posted on Twitter that Bowers’ body was burned to cover-up the sexual assault:

“Grisly new details in murder of 16 yr old Arnesha Bowers. Source: part of her body was burned to cover up evidence of sex assault,”

The Baltimore Sun reported the fourteen-year-old boy was charged with first degree murder. Police said he and Bowers knew each other and that he helped plan her murder.

“Police said the boy knew Bowers, an 11th grader at Baltimore City College high school, and helped orchestrate a murder and robbery plot…”

“He was someone Bowers was “fond of,” Baltimore police Maj. Stanley Brandford said.”

The murder of Bowers was overshadowed by the controversy about the fake Black woman Rachel Dolezal. An influential Black leftist blog, Black Millennials, wrote about Dolezal being more known than Bowers, but ultimately blamed ‘white supremacy’ for Bowers rape and murder while wondering whether it is better to keep silent about Black men killing Black women or to support the white dominated criminal justice system. Another Black blogger blamed Baltimore police and demanded Black petty street criminals be allowed to prey on their communities in the name of social justice.

Excerpt of article by Arielle Newton at Black Millennials (edited for profanity):

“In demanding justice for Black women when Black men do harm to us, there’s a serious question whether justice is best served in a racist and corrupt criminal justice system that serves no function other than to repress and brutalize Black bodies. I consider the criminal justice system to be invalid and illegitimate, and it’s not my wish to see Black folk trapped in a structurally racist conglomerate wreaked in permanent stigma and trapped in cyclical oppression.

…” Publicly exacting justice against Black men who harm us presents other challenges, as well. White supremacy don’t sleep. And they’ll pounce on our community, exploiting perceived schisms to create fractures and deteriorate trust between us all. Does that mean we — Black women — must suffer in silence to uphold the community? Does it mean that we must remain alone, isolated, and alienated in order to maintain a united front?”

…” Black men who hate Black women need to unlearn a lot of XXXX. Patriarchy is a function of white supremacy. It’s a XXXXng tentacle that wraps itself around and in between racism, classism, and other -isms that were created by white men (and facilitated through white women) who sought to concretize their control over marginalized groups. Turning Black men against Black women was a tactical and strategic mechanism for ultimate divide and conquer.”

…” Black men who invest in the hate of Black women are literally upholding white supremacy.”

…” Misogynoir is real as XXXX. And it caused two young, impressionable Black men to rape a Black girl. So Black men, it’s time for y’all to show up. In body, mind, and spirit. We — as Black women — are tired of suffering in silence, while y’all suffer in martyrdom.”

Newton’s racist article received over 2,700 shares on Facebook and Twitter. A tweet of the article by Black Millennials received nearly 500 retweets and favorites.

Black Millennials recently raised funds for to indoctrinate five to seven people in the use of the ‘Blackosphere’ social media to promote the leftist agenda.

Excerpt of article by Juan M. Thompson at the Intercept

“What the residents of Baltimore seek from police isn’t difficult to comprehend. Like most people, they want to be free of harassment and brutality, but they also need the police to do their jobs and protect them from the most violent criminal elements of urban life. In the context of Baltimore, this means not targeting impoverished people hustling for a better existence who may be involved in petty street crime.

“Despite this completely sane demand, it appears Baltimore police have initiated what is tantamount to a work stoppage, one that is particularly perilous for the beleaguered residents of Baltimore because the police strike isn’t denying them minor services they can find elsewhere. No, the refusal of Baltimore’s rank-and-file to do their jobs may actually be costing lives.

“A Baltimore Police Department spokesperson provided a statement that read: “Baltimore police continue to do their best to protect law abiding citizens. There has been no stoppage.””

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