British PM Cameron: Quit Calling it the “Islamic State” – The Term Is Perversion of ‘Peaceful Religion’

British Prime Minister David Cameron wants the BBC to quit calling ISIS the “Islamic State”.
It is a perversion of a peaceful religion.

More politically correct nonsense.

The Independent reported:


The BBC is reviewing its use of the term ‘Islamic State’ after David Cameron rebuked the broadcaster over its use of the name.

The Prime Minister said the BBC’s reference to the terrorist group as ‘Islamic State’ gave undue credibility to the “poisonous death cult” that is “seducing” young Britons to go and fight for the terrorist organisation in Syria and Iraq.

He urged the broadcaster to refer to the terrorist group as “Isil” – the abbreviation of the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. However there have been calls for media outlets to go further and start using the Arabic name for the group – Daesh, but Mr Cameron said such a radical move away from ‘Islamic State’ would make any change less likely.

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