Breaking: Two Men Carrying ISIS Flags Set Off Bombs – Behead Man in French Factory

The Islamists set off several bombs before beheading a man at a Grenoble Air Products factory.
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Two men carrying ISIS flags set off bombs and beheaded a man at a French Factory.

Several others were injured. The suspects are at large. reported:


It is understood two male attackers armed with what looked like gas cannisters stormed the factory in Grenoble, in south east France.

They were seen driving into the main gate of the headquarters of Air Products, in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, near Grenoble just after 10am local time.

They drove around in circles throwing small explosive devices around the main yard. Several explosions were heard.

One of the men then jumped out of the car, according to local prosecuting sources, and then ‘decapitated a man’.

The man’s body was found on the premises of the factory, with his head a few yards away hanging on a fence. It was found by a police officer on site.

It is still not clear whether the beheaded man was murdered in the grounds, or whether he had been brought in to the factory for more media attention.

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