BREAKING: MASS RIOTS – Emergency Situation at Metlife Stadium (VIDEO)

RIOTING broke out at MetLife Stadium tonight at the Summer Jam Concert.
It was a hip hop/rap concert hosted by Hot 97.

Protesters threw bottles and glass objects at the police.
East Coast 911 reported:

EastRutherford Personnel continue to operate at MetLife Stafium, the venue for the Hot 97 Summer Jam music event this evening, where a riot & multiple fights broke out this evening. Law Enforcement personnel have had bottles/glass & other objects thrown at them. At least 1 trooper has been taken to the hospital after being allegedly assaulted and multiple arrests have been effectuated at the venue.

VIDEO shows rioters throwing objects at the police.

The place looks trashed…

Police used pepper spray on the rioters tonight. has more on the rioting.

Witnesses told The APP a fight among attendees began around 7 p.m., which prompted officials to close the gates to the concert. People still waiting to enter the stadium then reportedly began to knock over and throw metal barriers. The APP reported troopers retreated behind stadium gates as people became rowdier and threw bottles at officers. According to the newspaper, troopers later fired rounds of tear gas and used mace in attempts to disperse the crowd.

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