Black Teen Shot to Death at Pool Party—No National Outrage

Wali Clanton WSB-TV
Wali Clanton, photo via WSB-TV/Twitter.

One week after a pool party in McKinney, Texas drew national (and international) outrage over video footage of a white police officer forcibly detaining a resisting Black teenaged girl, a Black teenaged young man was shot to death at a pool party in Georgia—but there is no national outrage as his killer was likely a fellow Black man.

Wali Clanton Shooting WXIA-TV
Pool party attendees gather after deadly shooting incident. Photo via WXIA-TV.

Wali Clanton, 19, was identified by the Fayette County Sheriff’s office in Georgia as having been fatally shot in the chest late Saturday night while attending a pool party with about 200 other teens.


Shots rang out as the pool party, which was advertised on social media just like the McKinney party, was in the process of being broken up by the homeowner, who had just returned home, and a security guard.

Four others were hit with non-life-threatening wounds by the estimated fifteen gunshots fired by the unknown assailant for as yet unknown reasons.

WSB-TV reported on the shooting:

“Investigators say there were more than 200 teens at the home on Hwy 279 in Fayetteville when the homeowner arrived just after midnight. Police say when he tried to break up the party, a fight broke out between a group of teens.

“A security guard at the party told Channel 2’s Audrey Washington that the argument started when someone accused a person of putting something in a girl’s drink.

“”The father of the young girl, who was also the DJ, he came and said somebody put something in my daughter’s drink. I immediately shut the party down. Then, around 12:30 I heard 15 gunshots go off,” said witness Antonio Gibson.”

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