Bill Donohue: Would South Carolina Church Massacre Mean as Much to the Media If Shooter Was Black? (VIDEO)

Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, went on with Steve Malzberg to discuss the celebration of global warming by Pope Francis. During the interview Donohue agreed that the pope’s lauguage in the encyclical is blatantly inconsistent.

“If you take a look at paragraph 61, he’s very good. He says we should reject doomsday projections. But if you go to 161, 100 later, he actually comes out and says we ought to take them seriously. So the editing that was done was very poor because it’s blatantly inconsistent.”

Bill Donohue also weighed in on the Charleston Church shooting:

“I raise a question. We obviously have a man who, you got race and you got religion both involved. Let’s just say that instead of a crazy white man, this was a crazy black man who took out the people in the church. Would the church as a venue mean something to the media. I don’t know that it would. It would mean a great deal to me. And as a white man it’s even more abhorrent that you have a white racist out there against these innocent black people. But, I just wonder about the overlay here. Had it had just been a matter of religion, and black on black, I don’t think the media would have been as exercised.”

Via NewsMax TV:

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