AWFUL! Univision TV Exec Compares Donald Trump to Racist Killer Dylann Roof – Trump Responds (VIDEO)

Donald Trump responds to Univision executive to compared him to racist killer Dylann Roof.

The President of Programming and Content at Univision compared Trump to Dylann Roff today on Instagram.

Donald Trump responded to the outrageous comparison tonight.


“I think he should be ashamed of himself. He deleted it. And the lawyers are going to have a field day. As you know they broke a contract… In my opinion a tremendous amount of pressure was put on, frankly by Mexico, by the leaders of Mexico put on Univision because they didn’t like what I was saying about trade… Frankly, a tremendous amount of people are coming in. We have some horrible people coming in, not just from Mexico but from all over. And they are killers and they are people we don’t want in this country… Everybody knows what I’m saying is true, Mexico knows what I’m saying is true.”

Via The Kelly File:Everybody

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