VIDEO=> Pakistani Muslims Mourn Texas ‘Martyrs’ at Funeral

Pakistani Muslims mourned the two Garland, Texas terrorists at a traditional funeral service on Tuesday.

The Muslims carried banners praising the two Texas martyrs.
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Sign reads: “We are here to acknowledge the dareness of our brothers Mr. Nadir Soofi Shaheed and Mr. Elton Simpson who embraced martyrdom to curb blasphemy.”

Biharprabha reported:


While the Gunmen involved in Curtis Culwell Center attack in Texas on May 3, have been condemned by World Leaders, their sympathizers across Pakistan held a traditional funeral service for them yesterday and called them ‘Martyrs’.

About 100 demonstrators took part in the protest for Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson who were shot dead by Texas police Sunday after they opened fire at a free speech.

They call them “martyrs” at a protest in Peshawar. A Muslim Cleric attending the funeral said, “The exhibition of the blasphemous caricatures was unbearable for Muslims. It was shocking, sad, tragic and intolerable. We have gathered here to pay tribute and to carry out the Islamic rites for the Muslims who tried to stop it and sacrificed their lives and they will now be called ‘Martyrs for the prophet’s honor’.”

The shooting incident was an echo of past attacks or threats in other Western countries against images depicting the Prophet Mohammad.

U.S. investigators are looking into claims by Islamic State that it was behind the failed attack in Texas. But officials said Tuesday they doubted the group’s direct involvement.

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Muslims attend the funeral of Texas Gunmen Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson. (Biharprabha)

Texas terrorists Nadir Soofi was a heartthrob in Pakistan and reportedly a “ladies man.”

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