VIDEO=> High School Broadcasts “Sh*t White People Say” During Morning Announcements

white privilege school

Life in Obama’s America…
They’re now broadcasting open hate against white people during morning announcements.

Bedford High School believes it is acceptable to denigrate white people during morning announcements.
EAG News reported:

After students played a video promoting racial stereotypes during the morning announcements, school administrators are dismissing it as a “teachable moment.”

A group of students at Bedford High School who produce “BHS Live” created a video called “Sh*t White People Say,” which played off racial stereotypes allegedly held by their white peers.

It featured a black girl wearing a blonde wig, several school employees and a number of minority students.

It warns white students to “DO NOT ASSume” things about their black classmates.

“I’m very offended by what I saw,” parent Bob Marshall tells Fox 25. “It was a very disgusting video, very hurtful video.”

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