VIDEO=> Gov. Scott Walker SLAMS Media Over Fabricated Ultrasound Quote

Last Friday Dana Loesch interviewed Wisconsin Governor and eventualpresidential candidate Scott Walker in a no-holds barred interview ranging from immigration, ethanol subsidies, ISIS, and Wisconsin John Doe raids.

walker thumping

After the interview far left Politico butchered a Walker quote on ultrasounds and spread it around to liberal media outlets. Politico falsely claimed that Walker was applying it to legislated ultrasounds prior to obtaining an abortion.

The lie made headlines on several liberal media outlets.


On Thursday Dana Loesch discussed the controversy on her daily television show on The Blaze TV. Dana took her viewers back to the source of the first misquote of Scott Walker regarding ultrasounds.
This was great…

And there’s this…
Governor Scott Walker slammed the liberal media today for fabricating a quote.

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