VIDEO=> Baltimore Crowds Celebrate Homicide Charges Against City Police

Baltimore crowds today celebrated the homicide charges against six police officers in connection to the death of Freddie Gray.

Zee News reported:

Baltimore: Residents of impoverished West Baltimore erupted in jubilation and relief Friday after authorities charged six officers in the death in custody of a young African American man.

Many had been parading through riot-scarred neighborhoods and chanting the victim`s name as security forces nervously looked on.

“Baltimore people, we did it!” shouted 18-year-old John Johnson. “Justice needs to be served!”

Cars streamed down West North Avenue in a cacophony of horns, as a man wearing a t-shirt that read “I Bleed Baltimore” thrust his fists into the air and cheered.

The community has been on edge since this week`s violent riots left several buildings in flames, stores looted, more than a dozen police officers injured and dozens of people arrested.

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