Valdosta State Student Sought By Police Wants to Kill All White People (Video)

Valdosta State University student Eric Sheppard made headlines in April after he was seen stomping on an American flag on campus.
eric sheppard
Sheppard threatened other students at the protest saying, “I am a terrorist toward white people.”

Sheppard is now wanted by police for bringing a gun in his backpack to the April protest. This week he sent a 4,700 word anti-white rant to the local paper.

Eric Shepard promised to “annihilate those who come after me.”
The Daily Caller reported, via Instapundit:


Eric Sheppard, the Valdosta State University student who was confronted last month by an Air Force veteran after he stomped on the American flag, has issued a violent 4,700-word anti-white rant in which he threatened to “annihilate those who come after me.”

Sheppard is wanted by police after they found a gun in his backpack days after the flag-stomping demonstration. In his lengthy letter, submitted to The Valdosta Daily Times this week, Sheppard said he will not surrender and will use violence if necessary.

The flag incident made national news after Michelle Manhart, an Air Force veteran and former Playboy model, was arrested after she confronted Sheppard and other demonstrators.

Sheppard posted a rambling video on slavery and white supremacy recently on YouTube.
Sheppard says, “Yes, I am a terrorist towards white people.”

Valdosta Flag
Female Navy veteran and Playboy model Michelle Manhart was arrested for attempting to rescue an American flag from being trampled by radical progressives on the campus of Valdosta University in Georgia in April.

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