U.S. Energy Secretary: Policy Makers Should Ignore Climate Deniers (VIDEO)

Energy Sec(Above) Dr. Ernest Moniz, Department of Energy Secretary (Image screenshot)

The Obama administration’s war on Climate Deniers has escalated during the President’s last term in office.And it would appear that Obama’s new Energy Secretary is an eager, albeit more diplomatic, soldier in that fight.

During a recent interview with Charlie Rose Department of Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz carefully stated that the questions from Climate Deniers about the flaws in the Climate Science do not rise to a level of importance which should obviate, or prevent, public policy makers from taking steps to prevent Climate Change.


Translation: policy makers should ignore Climate Deniers:

“I’m going to combined here science and policy. A little bit, Because in the end it’s what do we do about it that really matters.

So if you’re a scientist you can certainly focus on lots of questions that are not fully resolved in the Climate science. Which in my view does not take away at all from the bigger conclusion about we are seeing the drive to more warming. The more warming is creating a number of the phenomena we discussed earlier.

The issue is do the, in science, in research there always open questions as you go farther and farther into the issues, do those questions rise to level to obviate the need for public policy makers to take prudent steps now to address these issues? I think the answer is clearly, no. We need to take those issues.

The idea that we would not respond… I mean if you were a corporate CEO and your Risk Manager told you that there is only a 98% probability of something bad happening, and you said, oh well I don’t think we need to react to that. You wouldn’t be in that job very long.”


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