Texas Jihad Attack Exposes FBI Failure

Guest post by DMartyr

A peace officer outside the Garland, Texas Draw Mohammad Contest.

The Islamic terrorists’ attempt to commit mass murder in Garland, Texas, not only exposed the cowardice and hypocrisy of the leftist media in this country, but also the failures of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The FBI has known about one of the shooters for several years. Yet the homegrown terrorist managed to elude any accountability or oversight, despite having ties to ISIS.

The fact is, in Garland, we got lucky.
Via Kevin Williamson at National Review:

There is one and only one reason that an aspiring al-Qaeda bomber or ISIS beheader such as Elton Simpson should be walking the streets of these United States a free man: so that the FBI can follow him. We have aggressive domestic surveillance on a dozen different fronts — from the IRS to the SEC to the TSA, to say nothing of whatever it is that the spooks are really up to — but nobody could be bothered to keep an eye on a fellow known to federal authorities to be looking for a plum gig with Bin Laden, Inc. For Pete’s sake, the guy seems to have been on Twitter talking up “#texasattack” before the . . . Texas attack. Where was the FBI? No doubt still on the hunt for those angry Christian right-wing militia extremists who keep not attacking anything other than unlucky squirrels in rural Idaho.

This is some weak stuff, feds.

The only law-enforcement officials doing their jobs in this mess were the Garland locals, who exhibited courage and marksmanship.

Political correctness has hampered our ability to identify terrorist threats. We are so desperate to appear impartial and unbiased, we are willing to look the other way as the foxes enter the hen house. And after terrible carnage, we pretend the motive is lost on us – that an ideology, which claims to be peaceful, could not possibly be anything else. We fool ourselves into believing all men are inherently good, and are only provoked by certain malevolent behaviors of others (usually, right-wingers).

This mentality will result in more horrendous attacks. But fortunately, in Garland, Texas, we really did get lucky. 
Let’s hope we learned our lesson.

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