Rush Limbaugh Issues Warning: FEC Could Eliminate Drudge Report Via Net Neutrality

On Friday Brent Budowsky at The Hill published a provocative post this week on dominance of The Drudge Report in the national media.

“Is Matt Drudge the second most influential man in America?”

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Rush Limbaugh celebrated the article today but warned that the government may target Drudge and limit its content by using Obama’s net neutrality laws.
Via The Rush Limbaugh website:


RUSH: Now, just one thing about this piece from It may not be coincidental. Because our old buddy from the FCC, Ajit Pai, said over the weekend that he foresees a future in which the federal election committee, federal regulators may go after Drudge as part of net neutrality. Which, by the way, we have previously referenced on this program as part of net neutrality that never gets talked about, and the story by Mr. Pai specifically mentioned that federal regulators will want to go get Drudge because of content, because Drudge’s content is viewed to be political donations in kind.

And net neutrality, make no mistake, I don’t care what you think you know about it, I don’t care if you’ve bought into this mirage that net neutrality is making sure that everybody’s got equal access to websites at the same speed and bandwidth and all that, let me tell you what it really is. Net neutrality ultimately is empowering the federal government to go after websites based on content.

And if, for example, Drudge would be judged to be a conservative site and by admission there’s nobody even close, he has no competitors, then on that basis alone the FEC could limit Drudge’s accessibility, could limit how many people could log in to Drudge or just eliminate Drudge altogether because liberal, comparable websites aren’t getting near the traffic. And that isn’t equal, and that isn’t fair, and make no mistake, that is the dream of people who believe and start touting net neutrality.

All these tech people are clueless. They think it’s all about making sure they can get to Netflix whenever they want to without having to pay an arm and a leg. Or Roku or Huku or Hulu or whatever it is, Apple TV, you name it, they think it’s all about accessible speeds equally and fairly distributed with no bandwidth bottlenecks. And that’s a smoke screen. Ultimately net neutrality is aimed at determining fair and equal political content with some master arbitrator behind the curtain that is linked to a federal agency somewhere and will always be a leftist, make no mistake.

So this piece at wringing their hands and worried about the unfair advantage that Drudge has, he’s the second most influential, maybe isn’t a coincidence. Maybe it’s timed to be perceived as appearing right on the heels of that story about the FEC limiting Drudge because of content and fairness and all this. Do not forget this, and do not discount it.

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