Right to Work Passes Missouri Senate After 8-Hour Democratic Filibuster

Missouri is one of the few conservative states without right to work laws.
right to work states
(Macon County Patriots)

Missouri Republicans endorsed a “Right to Work” bill last year in Jefferson City.

On Tuesday the Missouri Senate passed a right to work bill after an eight-hour Democratic filibuster.
ABC 17 reported:


A right-to-work bill passed through the Missouri Senate Tuesday evening after a more than 8 hour filibuster by democrats.

The bill passed out of a Senate committee Monday night and came up for a vote Tuesday.

There has been a lot of backlash for the bill from not only democrats, but union workers from all over the state showed up Monday wearing shirts that say “right-to-work is wrong for Missouri.”

The bill hit the Senate floor a little after 10:00 a.m. Tuesday.

Under the measure, unions would be banned from requiring fees they usually collect from their workers, and that would let members skip on paying their dues.

Those for the bill said it would open up Missouri for businesses, create jobs, and boost the economy.

Opponents said it would weaken the power of unions and lower wages.

Missouri Republicans strengthened their veto proof majorities in the state House and Senate last November.

Republicans now hold 25 of 34 senate seats and added seven members in the House for a total of 117.

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