Report: Obama Calls For “Softer Look” Uniforms for Cops

Barack Obama issued new rules for police officers this week including “softer look” uniforms for cops.

FOX News Insider reported:

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama banned the sale of certain military-style equipment to police departments.

Brian Kilmeade reported tonight on “The Kelly File” that Obama also thinks that police officers should have “softer looking” uniforms.

Kilmeade explained that Obama thinks that police officers are “making things worse” when they show up to inner city communities wearing military-style equipment and riot gear.

“They’re concerned about the helmet. They’re concerned about the shield. It’s sending the wrong message,” Kilmeade stated. “I used to think from the civilian point of view that that would be a reason not to riot, because the police were ready and ready to act.”

Obama commissioned a review of the equipment programs last year after protests in Ferguson, Mo., over the shooting death of an 18-year-old black man by a police officer.

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