One Last Ride For A Marine – Staff Sgt. Jason Rogers Returns Home to Brandon (UPDATED)

Guest post by DMartyr

Here’s another moving Memorial Day video for you—
Staff Sgt. Jason Rogers came home Thursday, April 14 2011. His body was met by a sea of American flags and hands held tightly in salute of the Brandon, Mississippi Marine killed in Afghanistan.

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For the last couple of years at The Jawa Report, I’ve posted a list of movies perfect for Memorial Day viewing. I thought I’d combine both lists here (in no particular order):

1. Flags of Our Fathers
2. We Were Soldiers
3. The Longest Day
4. My Boy Jack
5. Glory
6. American Sniper
7. Our World War (series)
8. From Here To Eternity

9. Courage Under Fire
10. Saving Private Ryan

There are plenty of other great ones out there. Feel free to add your own choices in comments.

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