Obama Admin Is Training “About 90” Syrians to Defeat ISIS …(That Ought to Do It)

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ISIS terrorists hold military parade

Obama Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced last week the US is training “about 90” Syrians to take on ISIS.
Yeah, that ought to do it.

CNS News reported:


Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced on Thursday that “combat training has begun for a company-sized group” of Syrians — “about 90,” he said.

“This program is critical and a complex part of our counter-ISIL efforts. We expect a second group to begin training in the next few weeks,” Carter told reporters at the Pentagon.

He described the trainees as “highly-vetted individuals” who are being trained in a “secure location,” which he would not disclose. “As you probably know, there are several locations, and we — we’re going to keep that to ourselves.”

A new report this week estimated that 30,000 to 100,000 Europeans have joined ISIS in the Caliphate.

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