NY Times: #MikeBrown Looters-Rioters “Most Formidable American Protest Movement of 21st Century”

On September 12, 2009, 1.5 to 2 million grassroots activists marched in Washington DC.

Here is the time-lapse footage from 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM on 9-12-09 of the American Tea Party activists marching in Washington DC.

The liberal media ignored the protests at first. Then they called the patriotic free market protesters Nazis, terrorists and teabaggers.


On November 24, 2014, Mike Brown ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters and looters burned the Ferguson business district to the ground—
fergson on fire
Dozens of Ferguson Businesses were Destroyed and Looted–
Violent protesters looted, torched and vandalized businesses in Ferguson and Dellwood on November 24, 2014 after the Mike Brown grand jury verdict was announced.
At least 18 businesses in Ferguson, Missouri were torched to the ground.

In May 2015, ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters looted and rioted in Baltimore.
baltimore fire

** At least 61 buildings were torched.
** Over 144 vehicles were torched.
** 350 businesses were damaged
** And 113 police officers were injured.

Today the New York Times praised the hateful racist leaders of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. DeRay McKesson was transported to Ferguson from Minnesota to help organize the protest mob in the St. Louis area. McKesson and Nettaaaaaaa or ShordeeDooWhop have been stirring up hate across America since robber Mike Brown was gunned down in August. The two have been flown to New York, Milwaukee and Baltimore to lead protest mobs.

The New York Times Magazine today claimed the “Black Lives Matter” (if they’re killed by whites) protesters have built the “most formidable American protest movement of the 21st century to date.”

Since Aug. 9, 2014, when Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department shot and killed Michael Brown, Mckesson and a core group of other activists have built the most formidable American protest movement of the 21st century to date. Their innovation has been to marry the strengths of social media — the swift, morally blunt consensus that can be created by hashtags; the personal connection that a charismatic online persona can make with followers; the broad networks that allow for the easy distribution of documentary photos and videos — with an effort to quickly mobilize protests in each new city where a police shooting occurs.

The NY Times magazine goes on to praise fellow ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters like terrorist supporter Bassem Masri and radical Ashley Yates.

So the most prominent American news organization is now openly praising cop-haters, looters and rioters.
They really reached a new low with this filthy piece.

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