Noted Climatologist BLASTS Obama over His Latest Crackpot Global Warming Claims

Yesterday Barack Obama warned Coast Guard cadets that global warming was behind the rise of ISIS and Boko Haram and is causing the creation of a new ocean.

As Admiral Zukunft already mentioned, climate change means Arctic sea ice is vanishing faster than ever. By the middle of this century, Arctic summers could be essentially ice free. We’re witnessing the birth of a new ocean — new sea lanes, more shipping, more exploration, more competition for the vast natural resources below.


Good grief.

Noted climatologist Joe Bastardi blasted Obama after his crackpot fear-mongering.
And he challenged the liberal media to quit carrying his water.

Bastardi corrected junk scientist Obama pointing out that Nigeria has been unusually wet these past 10 years.
Via Twitchy:

Sorry Obama, one year of dry weather did not create Boko Haram.

But Obama would rather blame faulty junk science for the rise of Boko Haram than radical Islam.
What a knucklehead.

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