MUSLIM MOB Beats Christian, Threatens to Torch Homes After Holy Koran Is Desectrated

paki protest

Protests erupted in Pakistan after a mentally unstable Christian man reportedly was seen burning pages from a holy Koran (Quran). Razarumi Humayun was charged under Section 295-B. He’s being kept at the Gulshan Ravi Police Station.
Christians in Pakistan reported:

It has been reported that violent clashes erupted in DhoopSari, a densely populated Christian Colony of the Gulshan Ravi area after a middle aged Christian man allegedly burnt the Holy Quran.

Humayun Faisal was beaten up and taken to the local police station where he was charged under the 295c. He is also reported to be mentally unstable.

As the news of the desecration spread a mob of 200-300 people from the neighboring area gathered to protest against the accused. Local Christian residents of the area also reported that the mob wanted to burn down their homes.

Timely intervention by the police saved the lives of many innocent which could have been lost if the mob did not stop protesting.

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