OUTRAGEOUS VIDEO=> MSNBC Thinks It’s Funny When Cop Gets Dragged Down the Street

UPDATE: MSNBC pulled the video and tweet after The Gateway Pundit a report on the video

A cop gets dragged down the street and MSNBC thinks it’s a joke.
msnbc video

(UPDATE: MSNBC pulled the tweet.)



Progressives Today saved the video here…….

** The commenters on this tweet did not think it was so funny.

MSNBC sunk to a new low on Friday with the posting of a video to MSNBC’s Facebook page that mocks police over a criminal dragging a police officer by a car as he attempted to flee from the officer. MSNBC also promoted the video on its Twitter account.

The headline used by MSNBC: “Does it count as a police chase if you take the cop along for the ride?”

The MSNBC video uses security and police body-camera footage from an incident on May 9 in Savannah, Georgia. The video was released by police on Wednesday and hit the national media the next day.

MSNBC added circus clown music to the video and the caption “Does it count as a police chase if you take the cop along for the ride?”

The 38 second video notes the driver, Brandon Adams, escaped but later turned himself in and that the police officer was “going to be okay.”

Missing from the MSNBC video mocking police is the horrifying footage and sound from the police officer’s body camera of the officer falling off the car, hitting the ground and tumbling to a halt as the driver got away.

Also missing from the MSNBC video is footage from the surveillance camera that shows the officer hitting the pavement.

According to WIBW-TV, the officer was investigating shoplifting at the Shell gas station where the incident took place. The officer tried to stop Adams after the station manager saw Adams and told the officer Adams had allegedly cashed a fake check at the station.

Video report by WRBL-TV.

The MSNBC video mocking police was posted the same day that the nation paid tribute to police officers killed in the line of duty with a speech by President Barack Obama at the Capitol.

Commenters at the Facebook page slammed MSNBC:

Erick Delumeau: “MSNBC you have shown your true colors again. Irresponsible reporting. A family member just had this happen to his partner and his partner suffered a head injury. So everyone who allowed this to air with circus music, deserves to be fired.”

Walter Daniel Bosak: “You’re network is disgusting. This officer could have been killed all because this individual thinks it’s ok to resist a lawful investigation partly because networks like yours have advocated violence against police.”

Tiffany Eve: “You should be ashamed of yourselves MSNBC!!! These men and women in uniform serve and protect us all, and this is how you treat them? An apology to all law enforcement officers and their families should be in order.”

Kyle Bodenhorn: “Way to go MSNBC. You once again proved why cops around the world have a great disdain for media. This officer is lucky to be alive and you made jokes about his being dragged. Surely you feel that adding fuel to the fire of the hatred for police is a better news story than the thousands of police who have spent the week in D.C. honoring slain police as it is Police memorial week.”

Estela Ramirez: “Msnbc how is this comical with this head line and music like this is a joke. The cop could have or was probably injured because of this. If it was a black man being dragged by a cop this head line would be different. This is tasteless and just shows how the media works to its own benefits.”

H/t retired NYPD officer John Cardillo.

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