Mother’s Day Terrorists Bomb Attack Foiled in Australia

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A Mother’s Day terrorist attack was foiled in Australia on Friday.
Islamists were planning a massive bomb attack for the holiday.

SKY News reported:

A Mother’s Day terror plot to detonate three bombs in Melbourne has been foiled by police, authorities in Australia say.

A 17-year-old youth was arrested after police raided his home in the Greenvale area of the city after a tip-off.

Police say they found explosive devices – reported to be crude pipe bombs – and computer equipment was also seized.

The explosives were made safe by the bomb squad in a nearby park.

Media in Australia reported that the attacks, or series of attacks, were planned for Sunday – Mother’s Day in Australia.

Sources suggested the teenager, who cannot be named, may have been radicalised quickly, having recently dropped out of school.

He had spent increasing amounts of time on the internet in his bedroom, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

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