Mike Huckabee to Republican Lawmakers: LET OBAMATRADE DIE …Update: Sen. Sessions Weighs In

Why are Mitch McConnell and Republicans helping Obama pass Obamatrade?

Why do GOP lawmakers so eager to pass another giant piece of legislation that no one has read?

Congress has to pass it to find out what’s in it.

Today former Governor Mike Huckabee told Republicans in Congress to let Obamatrade die.

Breitbart reported:

After Senate Democrats helped partially kill—or at least temporarily stall—Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)54%
’s desire to implement President Barack Obama’s trade agenda on Thursday, McConnell and his fellow GOP leadership folks vowed to bring it back to life again.

But former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a 2016 GOP presidential candidate, says Republicans should leave it dead rather than hurting American workers with a big, secret trade deal none of them have read.

“Republicans in Congress need to slam on the brakes and refuse to allow President Obama to fast-track a major international trade deal that’s been crafted in secret and whose details remain cloaked in mystery,” Huckabee told Breitbart News in an exclusive quote. “Simply put, President Obama cannot be trusted to negotiate a good deal for American workers. The last thing this Administration fast-tracked was ObamaCare, so all Americans should breath a sigh a relief ObamaTrade failed in the Senate today.”

Since announcing his presidential campaign in Hope, Arkansas last week, Huckabee has struck a more populist tone—coming out against the trade deal and any increase in immigration, legal or illegal, when American workers are struggling.

“I don’t judge the success of government by how many people are on assistance, but by how many people have good jobs and don’t need government assistance,” Huckabee said in his announcement speech. “And we don’t create good jobs for Americans by entering into unbalanced trade deals that forgo Congressional scrutiny and looking the other way as the law is ignored so we can import low wage labor, undercut American workers, and drive wages lower than the Dead Sea.”

Good for Huck!

UPDATE: Conservative Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) just sent this email:
Still No Answer From White House To These Five Questions About TPP

• Will it increase or reduce the trade deficit, and by how much?

• Will it increase or reduce employment and wages, and by how much?

• Will you make the “living agreement” section public?

• Will China be added to the TPP?

• Will you pledge not to issue any executive actions, or enter into any future agreements, impacting the flow of foreign workers into the United States?

Republicans should not consider this legislation before these questions are answered.

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