May Day Crowd Freaks Out Over Open Carrier

Guest post by Michael Strickland


Amongst all the chaos in Seattle during Friday’s May Day riot, a man was seen walking through the crowd wearing a tactical vest with an SKS rifle slung over his shoulder.

Identified as Shayne Butts, he tells reporters “I’m here to ensure peoples’ civil rights get respected, just the basics, First Amendment right to peacefully assemble, to free speech… I don’t like communism, but these people have a right to free speech.”


He says the chamber was empty, but there were rounds in the magazines.

As the march wore on, protestors surrounded and intimidated him, chanting “WANNABE COP OUT”, while others were making the case that he had the right to be there. According to a blog called Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew,  , the man walking the open carrier back has been identified as Martin Santiago.

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