Marc Lamont-Hill: ‘Not True’ That Only Muslims Are Committing Violence in Name of Religion (VIDEO)

More idiocy from far left crank Mark Lamont-Hill–
Far left crank Mark Lamont-Hill argued on CNN that it’s “not true” that only Muslims are committing violence in the name of religion.

“The point is Alan Dershowitz made this absurd comment earlier, that the only people who are engaging in these violent ideological war are Muslim. That’s not true. You can go to Uganda right now and see gay people killed for being gay by Christians, by rogue Christian organizations. We can go around Africa, around Europe, around South America and find all these people.”

According to the Religion of Peace website there have been over 25,000 deadly Islamic terror attacks since 9-11.
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But facts like this are totally lost by the anti-Christian cranks on the left.

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